Caramel Colour for Carbonated Soft Drinks

Caramel Colour for Carbonated Soft drinks : - we are one of the prominent in manufacturing and supplying of Caramel colour for soft drinks in India. Caramel colour is broadly utilized in pigment of Soft drinks industry. Due to the low ph of most Carbonated soft drinks the first choice for Soft drinks formulates is one of the class IV Caramels are commonly used because of their acid stability. In addition to this its gives fantastic darks coloured hues. Mascot manufacture Caramel colour is light defensive nature helps with forestalling oxidation of the seasoning segment in packaged drinks. Caramel Colour Manufacturer are likewise stable in different handling and packaging conditions.

Features of Caramel Colour for Carbonated Soft Drinks

  • Top quality
  • Multiple uses
  • Precise synthesis
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