Type III Caramel Colour E150C Ammonia Caramel Colours

Mascot Type III caramel colors are created from Carbohydrates that are heated in the presence of Ammonia Compound. No Sulfite Caramel colour manufacturer yet Mascot Type III caramel colors are viewed as low-sulfite and Class III caramel colour convey a positive ionic charge and are regularly used to coloring.

Sulfite Ammonia Caramel Colour

The Type III Liquid caramel colour offered by us is an electro positive liquid colour which is utilized as a part of different drinks businesses. We guarantee each and every one of the items offered by us meet every one of the Standards for Caramel as Health & family welfare Government of India, Plain Caramel Colour India.

Where used:

Type III application :- Soya Sauces, Malted Foods, Beer, Dairy products, protein Drinks etc.

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