Type I Plain Caramel Colour E150A

Type I Plain Caramel Colour E150a Manufacturer

Mascot Type –I Caramel Colours This class is prepared by controlled heat treatment of Carbohydrates with alkali or acid. No Ammonia or sulfite mixes are permitted in Type I caramel Colors bringing about Caramel colors that conveys a natural to marginally negative ionic charges. Type I Plain Caramel Color India have turned in to the quickest developing portion of caramel colors as they take care of cleaner labels on the foods and beverages they consume. Caustic Sulfite Caramel Colour.

The class I Liquid Caramel color offered by us is a spirit dissolvable caramel utilized by the spirit industry to shading mixed Whisky, Brandy and others Alcoholic Beverages. It has medium power however displays great daylight security. We guarantee every client of the items offered by us meet all International standards and specification for Caramel as Health Authorities.

Where Used:

Type I Applications :- Breads, Dairy, Beverages, Liquors, Sauces, Bakery etc.

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